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Online assessments offer a convenient and confidential method to check for symptoms of mental health conditions. The ADHD Assessment includes various questions; select the options that best match your feelings from the past 6 months. When finished, consider sharing your results with a trusted person and consulting a licensed mental health professional.

Your Score

The ASRS-v1.1 has two subscales: Inattention (subscale A) and Hyperactivity (subscale B). Your scores are below:

  • A. Inattention: 0
  • B. Hyperactivity: 0

  • A score of 24 points or more on either Part A or Part B indicates a high likelihood of having ADHD in adulthood.
  • A score between 17-23 points suggests a likelihood of having ADHD.
  • A score of 0-17 points implies a lower likelihood of having ADHD in adulthood. However, if ADHD is still suspected despite a lower score, it's advisable to evaluate for impairments based on the symptoms present, as adults with ADHD can experience significant impairment due to only a few symptoms.

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