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Establishing a partnership with mental health specialists ensures both the holistic wellbeing of your team and the sustained success of your organization. Addressing mental health is pivotal in the workplace, as it directly impacts employee productivity, morale, and retention.

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the annual cost to US employers due to
lost work time from mental health conditions


of Millennial and Gen Z employees say
they’ve left a job for mental health-related reasons


of U.S. adults have increased
substance use to cope with stress

Care for Your Team

Every day spent waiting for health care is a day of lost productivity. We can help.

As an employer, you’re in a unique position to bridge the gaps in employee mental health care and foster a healthier, more productive work environment. We offer a solution that aligns with the modern demands of the workplace, helping your employees while boosting productivity and morale. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. By partnering with  iTrust, you can invest in both.

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Increased Availability

The average wait time for a psychiatrist is over three weeks. At iTrust, we hire and retain top-tier mental health professionals, so your employees can get the quality care they deserve in a timely manner. And for employees in different locations, we offer virtual care and co-location options, so they can get the care they need without their location getting in the way.

Flexible Payment Options

Mental health disorders contribute to earnings losses for employers, making the need for supportive employee care not just ethical but economical as well. We’re in-network with all major insurance providers, and we also offer self-pay options for $129 for the initial appointment and $99 for follow-ups. We even offer Per-Member-Per-Month options for employers seeking level-funded or self-funded solutions.

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Our Approach

Sustainable treatment methods.  Proven results.

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Medication Management

Our mental health professionals will work alongside your employees to create a medication regimen that helps them achieve their wellness goals.


Integrated Psychotherapy or Counseling

We tailor the frequency and type of treatment sessions to address each client’s specific concerns and needs.


Long-Acting Injectables

We use long-acting injectables when necessary due to their proven ability to stabilize and enhance mental health treatment outcomes.


Genetic Testing

The GeneSight Psychotropic test simplifies your employees’ journey toward mental wellness by tailoring medication to their genetic makeup.

Insurance We Accept

My psychiatrist was super knowledgeable, and not only did she actually listen to me, but she got me started on a regimen that was perfectly fit for me.

– Julie D.

REAL PATIENT. Real stories.

I am back to being my fun self. [Amanda] helped bring me back to the person I was meant to be, and I couldn't be happier! 

– Angela W.

REAL PATIENT. Real stories.

They are full of nothing but support and great communication. 

– Jesse S.

REAL PATIENT. Real stories.

I highly recommend them to anyone who needs medications for their mental health. They are easy to talk to, and they listen to your concerns and educate you about the medicine they prescribe.

– Billy W.

REAL PATIENT. Real stories.

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