Free PTSD Assessment

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Online assessments offer a convenient and confidential method to check for symptoms of mental health conditions. The PTSD Assessment includes various questions; select the options that best match your feelings from the past month. When finished, consider sharing your results with a trusted person and consulting a licensed mental health professional.

Your score:

Score 1-4: Indicates minimal depression. It's a comforting zone, but being proactive about your mental health is always a good choice.

Score 5-9: Falls under mild depression. If this is where you land, consider discussing your results with a healthcare provider, especially if the symptoms have been lingering.

Score 10-14: Signifies moderate depression. Engage with a healthcare professional to explore the right support pathway for you.

Score 15-19: Points towards moderately severe depression. It's advisable to seek support through medication, therapy, or a blended approach.

Score 20-27: Reflects severe depression. This score strongly suggests seeking professional support for a balanced treatment plan comprising medication and therapy.

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