Free Mental Health Assessment

Welcome to the start of your wellness journey!

This assessment will help you identify areas of wellness (emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual) where you may need extra attention or support to find greater balance. Ultimately, it will help lead you toward greater fulfillment in all areas — what could be more exciting?

Your score:

Scores of 20-28: Outstanding! Your answers demonstrate that you’re already taking positive steps in this dimension of wellness. You’re improving your own well-being and also setting a good example for those around you. Although you achieved a high overall score in this domain, you may want to check for low scores on individual items to see if there are specific areas you might want to address. You might also choose to focus on another area where your scores weren’t so high.

Scores of 15-19: Your behaviors in this area are good, but there is room for improvement. Take a look at the items on which you scored lower. What changes might you make it improve your score? Even a small change in behavior can help you achieve better health and well-being.

Scores of 14 and below: Your answers indicate some potential health and well-being risks. Review those areas where you scored lower and review available resources to help you develop and set achievable goals.

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